space in Spanish it is said espacio.

Phrases in english containing space translated to English

  • aerospace in Spanish is aeronáutica y astronáutica
  • look into + space in Spanish is mirar al vacío
  • space cadet in Spanish is lunático, chiflado, chalado, pirado, cadete espacial
  • space life sciences in Spanish is ciencias sobre la vida en el espacio
  • space probe in Spanish is física espacial
  • space station in Spanish is estación espacial

Sentences containing space in Spanish

For example, 629.1388 in DC has to house all documents on Astronautics documents on Instrumentation, Earth satellites, Monkeys in space, Manned flights, and so on

Other forms of sentences containing space where this translation can be applied

  • spaces
  • space

Similar phrases to space in spanish

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