sound in Spanish it is said sonido.

Phrases in english containing sound translated to English

  • at the sound of in Spanish is al oír, al escuchar
  • break + the sound barrier in Spanish is romper la barrera del sonido
  • creaking sound in Spanish is chirrido, rechino, rechinamiento, crujido
  • raspberry sound in Spanish is hacer ruido
  • sights and sounds in Spanish is numerito, imágenes y sonidos
  • sound card in Spanish is caja de resonancia, tornavoz
  • sound collection in Spanish is colección de grabaciones sonoras, colección de sonido
  • soundproof in Spanish is insonorizado
  • sound recording studio in Spanish is estudio de grabación
  • sound track film in Spanish is banda sonora
  • surround sound in Spanish is sonido envolvente, sonido cuadrofónico

Sentences containing sound in Spanish

A carrier is a physical medium in which data, sound, images, etc., are stored

Other forms of sentences containing sound where this translation can be applied

  • sound
  • sounds

Similar phrases to sound in spanish

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