solve + a mystery in Spanish it is said aclarar un misterio, resolver un misterio, esclarecer un misterio.

Sentences containing solve + a mystery in Spanish

This article offers librarians clues for helping users who descend from English and Welsh ancestry solve genealogical mysteries

Other forms of sentences containing solve + a mystery where this translation can be applied

  • solve mysteries
  • solving this mystery
  • solving the mystery
  • solved that mystery
  • solved these mysteries
  • solving mysteries
  • solve these mysteries
  • solved a mystery
  • solved this mystery
  • solve this mystery
  • solves mysteries
  • solves the mystery
  • solved mysteries
  • to solve a mystery
  • solving that mystery
  • solve that mystery
  • solving the mysteries
  • solves these mysteries
  • solves a mystery
  • solved the mystery
  • solve the mysteries
  • solve a mystery
  • solving a mystery
  • solves this mystery
  • solved the mysteries
  • solves that mystery
  • solve the mystery
  • solves the mysteries
  • to solve mysteries
  • solving these mysteries

Similar phrases to solve + a mystery in spanish

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