solve + dispute in Spanish it is said resolver una disputa.

Sentences containing solve + dispute in Spanish

They are obviously in love with the same man, and the hand-to-hand fight is the traditional gypsy way to solve the dispute

Other forms of sentences containing solve + dispute where this translation can be applied

  • to solve a dispute
  • solved a dispute
  • to solve disputes
  • solves the dispute
  • solving a dispute
  • solving these disputes
  • solved disputes
  • solve this dispute
  • solved these disputes
  • solve the dispute
  • solving this dispute
  • solves this dispute
  • solve disputes
  • solved the dispute
  • solve these disputes
  • solves disputes
  • solving disputes
  • solved this dispute
  • solves these disputes
  • solve a dispute
  • solving the dispute
  • solves a dispute

Similar phrases to solve + dispute in spanish

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