hair in Spanish it is said pelo, cabello.

Phrases in english containing hair translated to English

  • adjust + Posesivo + hair in Spanish is ajustarse el pelo, arreglarse el pelo
  • blond(e) hair in Spanish is pelo rubio
  • elastic hair band in Spanish is felpa
  • grey hair [gray hair] in Spanish is pelo cano, pelo gris, cana
  • hair clip in Spanish is pinza del pelo, pasador, pillacoletas
  • hair follicle in Spanish is extensión de cabello, extensión de pelo
  • hair loss in Spanish is caída de pelo, pérdida de pelo, alopecia
  • hair shampoo in Spanish is champú para el pelo, champú para el cabello
  • have + Posesivo + hair cut in Spanish is pelo + ponerse cano, pelo + encanecer
  • loss of hair in Spanish is pérdida del cabello, alopecia
  • split + hairs in Spanish is lavarse el pelo, lavarse el pelo con champú, lavarse la cabeza
  • tie + Posesivo + hair back in Spanish is recogerse el pelo

Sentences containing hair in Spanish

They are followed in turn by the see and see also references to the heading: HEAD see also BRAIN; EAR; EYE; FACE; hair; NOSE

Other forms of sentences containing hair where this translation can be applied

  • hairs

Similar phrases to hair in spanish

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