hair + turn grey in Spanish it is said pelo ponerse cano, pelo encanecer.

Sentences containing hair + turn grey in Spanish

This method of preventing your hair from turning grey will work for just about anyone

Other forms of sentences containing hair + turn grey where this translation can be applied

  • hair is turning grey
  • hairs will turn grey
  • hairs will turn gray
  • hair might turn gray
  • hairs had turned grey
  • hairs would turn grey
  • hair is turning gray
  • hairs were turning gray
  • hair might turn grey
  • hair to turn gray
  • hairs might turn gray
  • hairs have turned grey
  • hairs are turning gray
  • hair can turn grey
  • hair turned gray
  • hair had turned grey
  • hair can turn gray
  • hairs could turn grey
  • hair was turning grey
  • hairs might turn grey
  • hairs have turned gray
  • hair could turn gray
  • hair turned grey
  • hair to turn grey
  • hair could turn grey
  • hair was turning gray
  • hairs to turn grey
  • hairs can turn grey
  • hair would turn gray
  • hairs turned grey
  • hairs turn grey
  • hair has turned grey
  • hairs can turn gray
  • hairs are turning grey
  • hair had turned gray
  • hairs could turn gray
  • hair would turn grey
  • hairs to turn gray
  • hairs turned gray
  • hair will turn grey
  • hair turns gray
  • hair has turned gray
  • hairs may turn grey
  • hairs had turned gray
  • hairs may turn gray
  • hairs would turn gray
  • hairs were turning grey
  • hairs turn gray
  • hair may turn grey
  • hair may turn gray
  • hair will turn gray
  • hair turns grey

Similar phrases to hair + turn grey in spanish

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