specialise [specialize, -USA] in Spanish it is said especializarse.

Phrases in english containing specialise [specialize, -USA] translated to English

  • specialise in + Gerundio in Spanish is especializarse en + Infinitivo

Sentences containing specialise [specialize, -USA] in Spanish

Journeyman printers generally specialized as compositors or pressmen and, although a compositor might on occasion take a turn at the press (especially in a small shop), few pressmen could set type efficiently

Other forms of sentences containing specialise [specialize, -USA] where this translation can be applied

  • specializing
  • specialised
  • to specialize
  • specializes
  • to specialise
  • specialising
  • specialise
  • specialises
  • specialize
  • specialized

Similar phrases to specialise [specialize, -USA] in spanish

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