south in Spanish it is said sur.

Phrases in english containing south translated to English

  • due south in Spanish is exactamente al sur, derecho hacia al sur, directamente hacia el sur
  • New South Wales in Spanish is Región Bibliotecaria de Londres y el Sudeste (LASER)
  • South Africa in Spanish is República de Sudán del Sur, la
  • South America in Spanish is Sudamérica, Suramérica, América del Sur
  • southeast [south east] in Spanish is sudeste, sureste
  • South Korean in Spanish is surcoreano, de Corea del Sur
  • southwest [south west] in Spanish is hacia el sur, rumbo al sur, en dirección sur

Sentences containing south in Spanish

Short-loans could move adjacent to the main issue desk at the south by moving furniture, or at the north by rearranging the catalogue

Similar phrases to south in spanish

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