source in Spanish it is said fuente, origen.

Phrases in english containing source translated to English

  • alternative energy source in Spanish is fuente de energía(s) alternativa(s)
  • electronic information source in Spanish is fuente principal de información
  • insource in Spanish is utilizar los recursos del personal propio
  • open source in Spanish is código abierto
  • primary source in Spanish is documento primario, fuente primaria
  • single-source in Spanish is único, única fuente
  • Source Index in Spanish is índice de fuentes, Indice de Fuentes
  • source of revenue in Spanish is fuente de información
  • sustainable source of energy in Spanish is fuente bibliográfica especializada

Sentences containing source in Spanish

The network is fairly well developed and lobbying initiatives on policies affecting all or a group of local authorities have stemmed from this source

Other forms of sentences containing source where this translation can be applied

  • source
  • sources

Similar phrases to source in spanish

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