soul in Spanish it is said espíritu, alma, ánima.

Phrases in english containing soul translated to English

  • bare + Posesivo + soul in Spanish is abrir el corazón
  • every living soul in Spanish is alma caritativa
  • from the bottom of + Posesivo + soul in Spanish is desde el fondo del alma, de todo corazón, con toda sinceridad, sinceramente
  • not a living soul in Spanish is ni un alma, ni un alma viviente, ni un bicho viviente, ni quisque, ni quisqui
  • soul brother in Spanish is vender el alma al diablo
  • the life (and soul) of the party in Spanish is el alma de la fiesta

Sentences containing soul in Spanish

I would venture to guess that he would have characterized these suggestions as the eructation of unhealthy souls'

Other forms of sentences containing soul where this translation can be applied

  • souls

Similar phrases to soul in spanish

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