sorry [sorrier -comp., sorriest -sup.] in Spanish it is said lamentable, lastimoso.

Phrases in english containing sorry [sorrier -comp., sorriest -sup.] translated to English

  • be in a sorry state (of affairs) in Spanish is estar para el arrastre, salir malparado, estar fatal, estar en un estado lamentable, estar (muy) mal
  • feel + sorry for in Spanish is pedir perdón por, arrepentirse de/por, sentirse arrepentido por
  • sorry + Infinitivo in Spanish is disculpe(n) las molestias, perdone(n) las molestias

Sentences containing sorry [sorrier -comp., sorriest -sup.] in Spanish

The author describes the sorry state of libraries in Portugal where 149 of the 558 libraries have a collection of less than 1,000 titles

Other forms of sentences containing sorry [sorrier -comp., sorriest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • sorry
  • sorrier
  • sorriest

Similar phrases to sorry [sorrier -comp., sorriest -sup.] in spanish

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