something in Spanish it is said algo.

Phrases in english containing something translated to English

  • a little something in Spanish is una cosita, un detalle, un regalito, una bobadita, una tontería
  • do + something about in Spanish is hacer algo con respecto a
  • give + Nombre + something for + Posesivo + money in Spanish is conseguir algo de, obtener algo de, sonsacar algo de
  • nothing before something method in Spanish is método de ordenación palabra por palabra
  • something else in Spanish is otra cosa, algo diferente
  • that certain something in Spanish is algo en particular, algo concreto

Sentences containing something in Spanish

Bibliographic coupling is based on the idea that two articles which both cite another earlier article must have something in common; if they both cite two earlier articles, the linking is increased; while if their bibliographies had half a dozen earlier articles in common we should be justified in assuming that they covered very much the same subject

Similar phrases to something in spanish

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