solo in Spanish it is said alone . It is also translated lonely , on Posesivo own , solo , unattended , all by Reflexivo , by Reflexivo , lorn , lonesome , unaccompanied .

Phrases in english containing solo translated to English

  • a cargo de una sola persona in Spanish is one-man band
  • con un solo filo in Spanish is single-edge
  • de un solo ojo in Spanish is one-eyed
  • irse solo in Spanish is go off by + Reflexivo
  • por un solo in Spanish is completely alone

Sentences containing solo in Spanish

I do not think I am alone in believing there is a need for significant change, for reshaping our educational programs as well as our institutional goals and philosophies

A lengthy list may be printed off-line and sent through the mail, rather than have the user maintain a lonely vigil at the terminal

As a concluding exercise, therefore, it would be helpful for you to try some examples of analysis and translation on your own

Many subjects lend themselves to a quasi-arithmetical arrangement, eg music: solos, duets, trios, etc

He was hired to bring the library up to speed after a period of 2 years when it had been unattended by a librarian

One can only cultivate one's virtues all by oneself, and no one else can take one's place

Certainly, it is possible to do it by oneself

I felt lorn and bereft, then suddenly it was gone, leaving me empty and shaken the way a storm shakes the land and the sea

One evening, as he was traveling through the mountains of that province, darkness overcame him in a very lonesome district, leagues away from any village

Never walk unaccompanied at night in poorly-lit streets or along deserted streets

Other forms of sentences containing solo where this translation can be applied

  • solo
  • solas
  • solos
  • sola

Similar phrases to solo in spanish

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