solicit + ideas in Spanish it is said pedir ideas, recabar ideas, solicitar ideas.

Sentences containing solicit + ideas in Spanish

It is unethical for you to solicit ideas from others and then present the work as something you thought of yourself

Other forms of sentences containing solicit + ideas where this translation can be applied

  • solicits her ideas
  • solicited his ideas
  • solicit his ideas
  • solicits my ideas
  • solicited their ideas
  • solicits our ideas
  • soliciting your ideas
  • solicits their ideas
  • solicits his ideas
  • solicit our ideas
  • soliciting their ideas
  • solicit ideas
  • to solicit ideas
  • solicited her ideas
  • to solicit somebody's ideas
  • solicits its ideas
  • soliciting one's ideas
  • solicits one's ideas
  • solicited its ideas
  • solicit your ideas
  • solicits your ideas
  • solicited ideas
  • solicit my ideas
  • soliciting my ideas
  • solicited one's ideas
  • to solicit one's ideas
  • solicited your ideas
  • solicit their ideas
  • soliciting ideas
  • solicited my ideas
  • solicit one's ideas
  • solicit its ideas
  • soliciting its ideas
  • soliciting her ideas
  • soliciting his ideas
  • solicits ideas
  • solicit her ideas
  • soliciting our ideas
  • solicited our ideas
  • to solicit someone's ideas

Similar phrases to solicit + ideas in spanish

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