soften + a blow in Spanish it is said amortiguar un golpe, absorber un golpe.

Sentences containing soften + a blow in Spanish

To soften the blow, a kind-hearted librarian might produce an illustrated book on ostriches, or the text of the Hippocratic oath, or a copy of the original melodrama by George Hazelton, 'Sweeney Todd: the barber of Fleet Street'

Other forms of sentences containing soften + a blow where this translation can be applied

  • softens blows
  • softening the blow
  • softens a blow
  • soften blows
  • softened blows
  • softened the blow
  • to soften the blow
  • softening the blows
  • softens the blow
  • softening blows
  • softens the blows
  • softened the blows
  • to soften a blow
  • soften a blow
  • softening a blow
  • soften the blow
  • softened a blow
  • soften the blows

Similar phrases to soften + a blow in spanish

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