soft [softer -comp., softest -sup.] in Spanish it is said blando, suave, tierno.

Phrases in english containing soft [softer -comp., softest -sup.] translated to English

  • as soft as silk in Spanish is tan suave como la seda, más suave que la seda
  • go + soft in Spanish is ablandarse, emblandecerse, ponerse blando, ponerse tierno
  • soft drink in Spanish is refresco
  • soft-pedal in Spanish is minimizar, restar importancia, quitar importancia, atenuar, quitar hierro
  • soft spot in Spanish is debilidad

Sentences containing soft [softer -comp., softest -sup.] in Spanish

The amount of stuffing in the balls was varied to suit the nature of the work; large, soft balls with weak ink were used for low-grade work; small, hard balls and strong ink for work of better quality

Other forms of sentences containing soft [softer -comp., softest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • softest
  • softer
  • soft
  • soft [softer -comp.
  • softest -sup.]

Similar phrases to soft [softer -comp., softest -sup.] in spanish

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