social in Spanish it is said social . It is also translated societal , socialising [socializing, -USA] , socialised [socialized, -USA] , gregarious .

Phrases in english containing social translated to English

  • acontecimiento social in Spanish is community event ; social
  • armonía social in Spanish is social harmony
  • capa social más distinguida, la in Spanish is crust, the
  • cohesión social in Spanish is civic club ; social club
  • consejo social in Spanish is trustees ; trust ; trustee board
  • descontento social in Spanish is civil unrest ; social unrest
  • espacio social in Spanish is social space
  • historia social in Spanish is social history
  • malestar social in Spanish is civil unrest ; social malaise ; social unrest
  • posición social in Spanish is social standing ; social status
  • reforma social in Spanish is social networking
  • sicología social in Spanish is social psychology

Sentences containing social in Spanish

She has been a vital and energetic voice in the movement to increase the sensitivity and responsibility of libraries to social issues, as well as a first-rate cataloger

A major concern of the journal will be the business, economic, legal, societal and technological relationships between information technology and information resource management

Thus teachers especially, because they have a captive audience, find themselves along with parents and a child's peers, one of a triumvirate of main socializing agents in a child's life

The client is rational and socialized and to a large extent determines self-destiny

The most popular activities are either those involving little physical effort (eg, listening to records), looking after the house & garden, or gregarious activities like going out for a drink

Other forms of sentences containing social where this translation can be applied

  • sociales

Similar phrases to social in spanish

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