half in Spanish it is said mitad.

Phrases in english containing half translated to English

  • at half-mast in Spanish is a media asta
  • be half the battle in Spanish is tener la mitad de + Posesivo + edad, tener la mitad de años que
  • be only half the battle in Spanish is ser sólo la mitad de la ecuación
  • be too + Adjetivo + by half in Spanish is pasarse de + Adjetivo, ser demasiado + Adjetivo, ser extremadamente + Adjetivo
  • fold + Nombre + in half in Spanish is doblar Algo por la mitad
  • half asleep in Spanish is medio dormido, medio adormilado
  • half-breed in Spanish is encuadernado en media pasta
  • half done in Spanish is medio hecho, a medio hacer
  • half-folded in Spanish is medio doblado
  • half-life in Spanish is vida media
  • half price in Spanish is Hora + y media
  • half the price in Spanish is vale la mitad
  • half-yearly in Spanish is semestral
  • six of one (and) half a dozen of the other in Spanish is segundo tiempo, el; segunda mitad, la; segunda parte, la

Sentences containing half in Spanish

The first half of the command looks for words hit by 'FIB?' immediately followed by a word hit by 'OPTIC?'

Other forms of sentences containing half where this translation can be applied

  • halves

Similar phrases to half in spanish

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