habitual in Spanish it is said commonplace . It is also translated chronic , customary , habitualized , inveterate , prevalent , hardened , habitual .

Phrases in english containing habitual translated to English

  • cliente habitual in Spanish is habituĂ© ; loyal patron

Sentences containing habitual in Spanish

Microfilm and microfiche formats are now commonplace in most libraries

Stress is an inescapable fact of life and the reason one of every four persons suffers from chronic stress response is because people waste time

What I'm getting at is this: At least in the CIP entry that I have seen, LC, following customary practice, made a title entry for the main title, 'Women in Librarianship', but nothing under Melvil's 'Rib Symposium'

Habitualized actions, they further suggest, become embedded in human behavior and provide the psychological gain of narrowing choices

As an inveterate user of the British Museum Library he was able to confirm that 'a library is not worth anything without a catalogue'

Pre-co-ordinate indexes are particular prevalent as printed indexes

There is a shift from considering children as innocent victims to viewing them as hardened criminals on a par with adults who commit similar acts

A new study confirms that male gender, obesity, and weight gain are key determinants of habitual snoring in the adult population

Other forms of sentences containing habitual where this translation can be applied

  • habituales

Similar phrases to habitual in spanish

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