gunk up in Spanish it is said atorarse, atascarse, bloquearse, taparse.

Phrases in english containing gunk up translated to English

  • degunk in Spanish is limpiar, eliminar

Sentences containing gunk up in Spanish

I'm assuming the valve is gunked up simply because on my previous diesel I examined it when I bought it and it was 50% blocked with gunk

Other forms of sentences containing gunk up where this translation can be applied

  • gunked it up
  • gunking
  • gunk up
  • gunks them up
  • gunk
  • gunking them up
  • gunking up
  • to gunk up
  • gunked
  • gunked them up
  • gunked up
  • gunk them up
  • gunks
  • gunks up
  • gunk it up
  • to gunk
  • gunks it up
  • gunking it up

Similar phrases to gunk up in spanish

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