gun down in Spanish it is said asesinar, tirotear.

Sentences containing gun down in Spanish

Last night the distraught parents of 11-year-old Rhys Jones, gunned down in cold blood by a hoodie, gave their full support to our campaign

Other forms of sentences containing gun down where this translation can be applied

  • gun me down
  • gun us down
  • gunning you down
  • gunning me down
  • gun them down
  • guns it down
  • gun you down
  • gunned down
  • guns her down
  • guns down
  • gunning her down
  • gunning him down
  • gunned you down
  • gunning down
  • gunning it down
  • guns him down
  • guns you down
  • gunned it down
  • to gun someone down
  • gunning them down
  • gunned her down
  • gunned me down
  • gunned us down
  • gun him down
  • gun it down
  • gunning us down
  • gunned them down
  • gun her down
  • to gun down
  • guns us down
  • guns me down
  • to gun somebody down
  • guns them down
  • gunned him down

Similar phrases to gun down in spanish

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