guilty [guiltier -comp., guiltiest -sup.] in Spanish it is said culpable.

Phrases in english containing guilty [guiltier -comp., guiltiest -sup.] translated to English

  • be guilty of in Spanish is pecar de
  • guilty plea in Spanish is declaraciĆ³n de culpabilidad
  • innocent until proven guilty in Spanish is inocente hasta que se demuestre lo contrario

Sentences containing guilty [guiltier -comp., guiltiest -sup.] in Spanish

Was it Mathilda Panopoulos' manner of making people feel like irrational children, guilty, apologetic, foolish, so that they bring disaster on themselves?

Other forms of sentences containing guilty [guiltier -comp., guiltiest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • guiltiest
  • guiltier
  • guilty

Similar phrases to guilty [guiltier -comp., guiltiest -sup.] in spanish

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