guardián in Spanish it is said custodian . It is also translated curator , guardian , storekeeper , gatekeeper , steward , guard dog , sentinel , warden , safekeeper [sake-keeper] .

Sentences containing guardián in Spanish

This article maintains that archivists as custodians of the records have an ethical obligation to support the freest possible access to public records

Altick refers to himself as 'a pursuer of truth' and to his audience of librarians as 'curators and disseminators of truth'

And so, the public library came in time to be viewed as a guardian of the people's right to know

Certainly the last thing we want is that books be shut up in tastefully decorated warehouses, watched over by highly trained storekeepers whose main purpose is to see that everything is kept tidily in its place and, as far as possible, untouched by human hands -- especially the sticky-fingered hands of marauding children

Research has shown that many people get their 'updates' from someone called 'the gatekeeper'

This article explores whether the archivist is a steward for some wider amorphous body including past and future generations

A guard dog perspective is offered as a way to better understand the functioning of the mass media as an important set of communication agencies in the social system

The quintessential expression of this ideal is our amazing public library system -- for which we must specially thank all thousands of dedicated librarians throughout America whom one of my predecessors called our 'sentinels of liberty

Carers and wardens are encouraged to involve themselves in the service

Libraries find themselves frustrated in their role as safekeepers of science: how can they ensure optimal access and availability if they do not control the access systems?

Other forms of sentences containing guardián where this translation can be applied

  • guardiánes
  • guardianes
  • guardian
  • guardiana
  • guardiána
  • guardiánas
  • guardianas

Similar phrases to guardián in spanish

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