guard in Spanish it is said guardia, vigilante.

Phrases in english containing guard translated to English

  • be on guard (against) in Spanish is guardarse, protegerse, estar en guardia, estar precavido, precaverse
  • bodyguard in Spanish is guardaespaldas
  • coast guard in Spanish is guardacostas
  • guard dog in Spanish is evitar, impedir, proteger, protección, salvaguarda
  • guard + zealously in Spanish is barandilla
  • National Guard, the in Spanish is servicio en la Guardia Nacional
  • security guard in Spanish is hacer a Alguien precavido, poner a Alguien en guardia
  • teeth guard in Spanish is férula, férula de relajación, férula de descarga

Sentences containing guard in Spanish

This article reports on the results of a survey measuring student library users' perception of the effectiveness of using guards in the library

Other forms of sentences containing guard where this translation can be applied

  • guards
  • guard

Similar phrases to guard in spanish

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