grubby [grubbier -comp., grubbiest -sup.] in Spanish it is said mugriento, sucio.

Phrases in english containing grubby [grubbier -comp., grubbiest -sup.] translated to English

  • get + grubby in Spanish is ensuciarse

Sentences containing grubby [grubbier -comp., grubbiest -sup.] in Spanish

The copy was grubby from use, a paperback with a photographically realistic full-color painting on its cover of an early teenage boy slumped in what looked to me like a corner of a very dirty back alley, a can of Coke in his hand

Other forms of sentences containing grubby [grubbier -comp., grubbiest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • grubbiest
  • grubby
  • grubbier

Similar phrases to grubby [grubbier -comp., grubbiest -sup.] in spanish

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