grow + cold in Spanish it is said enfriarse.

Sentences containing grow + cold in Spanish

She had lived alone, except for her dog who, at the very last, sat patiently beside the bed and licked her hands until they grew cold

Other forms of sentences containing grow + cold where this translation can be applied

  • grown cold
  • grows cold
  • to grow colder
  • grown the coldest
  • grows the coldest
  • to grow coldest
  • grow the coldest
  • growing cold
  • grew cold
  • growing colder
  • to grow cold
  • grow cold
  • grow colder
  • grew colder
  • grew the coldest
  • to grow the coldest
  • growing coldest
  • grows colder
  • grow coldest
  • grown coldest
  • grew coldest
  • grown colder
  • to grow + cold
  • grows coldest

Similar phrases to grow + cold in spanish

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