ground + a flight in Spanish it is said prohibir el despegue de un vuelo, cancelar un vuelo.

Sentences containing ground + a flight in Spanish

Flights were back to normal yesterday after the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud returned to ground further flights from Exeter Airport

Other forms of sentences containing ground + a flight where this translation can be applied

  • ground a flight
  • flights were grounded
  • grounds flights
  • grounded the flight
  • grounds the flights
  • grounded flights
  • ground flights
  • grounds the flight
  • grounded the flights
  • to ground a flight
  • flights have been grounded
  • flight had been grounded
  • flight was grounded
  • grounds a flight
  • ground the flights
  • to ground flights
  • flight has been grounded
  • flights had been grounded
  • grounding a flight
  • grounding the flight
  • grounding the flights
  • grounded a flight
  • ground the flight
  • grounding flights

Similar phrases to ground + a flight in spanish

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