gross [grosser -comp., grossest -sup.] in Spanish it is said grave, serio, flagrante.

Phrases in english containing gross [grosser -comp., grossest -sup.] translated to English

  • gross benefits in Spanish is ingresos brutos, beneficios brutos
  • gross income in Spanish is ingresos brutos
  • gross negligence in Spanish is Producto Nacional Bruto (PNB)
  • gross revenues in Spanish is ingresos brutos

Sentences containing gross [grosser -comp., grossest -sup.] in Spanish

She notes some gross inadequacies of these schemes in classifying African subjects, especially in the social sciences and humanities

Other forms of sentences containing gross [grosser -comp., grossest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • gross
  • grossest
  • gross [grosser -comp.
  • grossest -sup.]
  • grosser

Similar phrases to gross [grosser -comp., grossest -sup.] in spanish

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