grip + the imagination in Spanish it is said captar la imaginaciĆ³n, estimular la imaginaciĆ³n, despertar el entusiasmo.

Sentences containing grip + the imagination in Spanish

Texting is a startling modern phenomenon, one that has gripped the imagination of the UK in a very short space of time

Other forms of sentences containing grip + the imagination where this translation can be applied

  • gripping their imagination
  • grips its imagination
  • gripping the imagination
  • to grip one's imagination
  • gripping my imagination
  • grips my imagination
  • gripped one's imagination
  • grip one's imagination
  • grips one's imagination
  • to grip the imagination
  • gripping one's imagination
  • grips her imagination
  • grip his imagination
  • gripped its imagination
  • gripping his imagination
  • grips their imagination
  • gripped the imagination
  • gripped their imagination
  • grips the imagination
  • gripped our imagination
  • grip my imagination
  • grips our imagination
  • gripped her imagination
  • grip our imagination
  • gripped your imagination
  • grip its imagination
  • grips his imagination
  • grips your imagination
  • grip the imagination
  • gripped my imagination
  • to grip someone's imagination
  • gripping her imagination
  • gripping its imagination
  • gripping our imagination
  • grip their imagination
  • gripping your imagination
  • to grip somebody's imagination
  • grip your imagination
  • gripped his imagination
  • grip her imagination

Similar phrases to grip + the imagination in spanish

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