grip in Spanish it is said garra, control, dominio.

Phrases in english containing grip translated to English

  • come to + grips with in Spanish is enfrentarse a, acometer, asumir, entender
  • grip handle in Spanish is acometer, enfrentarse a, asumir, entender
  • hold + an iron grip on in Spanish is mantener un control fĂ©rreo sobre
  • lose + Posesivo + grip in Spanish is perder el control
  • tighten + the grip in Spanish is estrechar el control

Sentences containing grip in Spanish

It is therefore often hard to escape the grip of the official phraseology for fear that, in doing so, the meaning of the material will be altered or lost

Other forms of sentences containing grip where this translation can be applied

  • grip
  • grips

Similar phrases to grip in spanish

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