grin at + Nombre in Spanish it is said sonreĆ­r a Alguien.

Sentences containing grin at + Nombre in Spanish

She grinned at me before rumpling my chestnut brown hair affectionately

Other forms of sentences containing grin at + Nombre where this translation can be applied

  • grinned at him
  • grins at her
  • grins at it
  • grinned at her
  • grins at me
  • grinning at
  • grinning at her
  • grin at you
  • grins at us
  • grinning at it
  • grins at them
  • grin at him
  • grinning at me
  • to grin at someone
  • grins at him
  • grinning at them
  • grinned at them
  • grin at her
  • grinned at
  • grinned at us
  • grinning at him
  • grinned at you
  • grin at it
  • grinned at me
  • to grin at
  • to grin at somebody
  • grins at
  • grin at them
  • grinned at it
  • grin at me
  • grin at us
  • grin at
  • grinning at you
  • grinning at us
  • grins at you

Similar phrases to grin at + Nombre in spanish

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