grey [gray, -USA] in Spanish it is said gris.

Phrases in english containing grey [gray, -USA] translated to English

  • European Association for Grey Literature (EAGLE) in Spanish is AsociaciĆ³n Europea para la Literatura Gris (EAGLE)
  • grey hair [gray hair] in Spanish is pelo cano, pelo gris, cana
  • grey money [gray money] in Spanish is dinero negro
  • mousy grey in Spanish is gris pardusco, gris pardo

Sentences containing grey [gray, -USA] in Spanish

If the spot stays yellow the paper is decidedly acid; an in-between colour (green, grey, grey-green, yellow-green) indicates mild acidity; while if the spot goes purple, the paper is near-neutral or alkaline

Other forms of sentences containing grey [gray, -USA] where this translation can be applied

  • gray
  • grays
  • grey
  • greys

Similar phrases to grey [gray, -USA] in spanish

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