greet + Nombre + warmly in Spanish it is said acoger con entusiasmo.

Sentences containing greet + Nombre + warmly in Spanish

Descriptive bibliography has long been acknowledged as one primary field of bibliographical activity and greeted especially warmly by those who wish to see a strictly utilitarian end for these studies

Other forms of sentences containing greet + Nombre + warmly where this translation can be applied

  • greet you warmly
  • greeted him warmly
  • greeting him warmly
  • greeted you warmly
  • greets it warmly
  • greets her warmly
  • greet him warmly
  • greets one warmly
  • greeted one warmly
  • greeted warmly
  • greets me warmly
  • greeted it warmly
  • greets warmly
  • greeted me warmly
  • greeted us warmly
  • greet her warmly
  • greeting her warmly
  • greeting one warmly
  • greeted her warmly
  • to greet someone warmly
  • greet me warmly
  • greeting us warmly
  • greet one warmly
  • greet warmly
  • greeting warmly
  • greeted them warmly
  • greeting them warmly
  • greets you warmly
  • greets him warmly
  • greets us warmly
  • greet us warmly
  • greeting it warmly
  • to greet somebody warmly
  • greeting you warmly
  • greet it warmly
  • greet them warmly
  • to greet warmly
  • greets them warmly
  • greeting me warmly

Similar phrases to greet + Nombre + warmly in spanish

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