great [greater -comp., greatest -sup.] in Spanish it is said grande.

Phrases in english containing great [greater -comp., greatest -sup.] translated to English

  • a great deal in Spanish is mucho
  • a great deal of in Spanish is mucho, bastante, un gran número de, una gran cantidad de, una buena parte de
  • a great many years ago in Spanish is hace muchísimos años
  • at great speed in Spanish is a gran velocidad
  • be of great benefit to in Spanish is ser de gran beneficio para
  • draw + (a great deal of) interest in Spanish is atraer (mucho) interés, despertar (mucho) interés
  • great and small in Spanish is hacer todo lo posible por, ser capaz de hacer cualquier cosa por
  • great-grandfather in Spanish is bisnieto
  • great-looker in Spanish is persona muy atractiva, persona muy bien parecida, persona de muy buen ver
  • great pleasure in Spanish is gran placer, gustazo
  • lay + great store on in Spanish is en abundancia, a raudales
  • take + (great) pains to in Spanish is procurar, esmerarse por, afanarse por, hacer todo los posible por, esforzarse por, poner mucho empeño en, poner mucho esmero en, tratar por todos los medios de, tener cuidado de, hacer grandes esfuerzos por
  • too great in Spanish is mucho, en gran medida

Sentences containing great [greater -comp., greatest -sup.] in Spanish

Clearly, great variations can be expected between different indexing languages for different databases

Other forms of sentences containing great [greater -comp., greatest -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • great [greater -comp.
  • greatest -sup.]
  • great
  • greater
  • greatest

Similar phrases to great [greater -comp., greatest -sup.] in spanish

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