gravitate to(wards) in Spanish it is said inclinarse por, tender a acabar en, sentirse atraĆ­do por.

Sentences containing gravitate to(wards) in Spanish

Use of this library is not still more extensive because those living on the townward side are cut off by an intersecting main road and gravitate naturally to the city centre

Other forms of sentences containing gravitate to(wards) where this translation can be applied

  • gravitated to
  • to gravitate to somebody
  • to gravitate to someone
  • to gravitate towards something
  • gravitates towards
  • gravitate to
  • gravitating towards
  • to gravitate towards somebody
  • to gravitate to something
  • gravitates to
  • gravitate towards
  • gravitating to
  • to gravitate towards someone
  • gravitated towards

Similar phrases to gravitate to(wards) in spanish

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