grave in Spanish it is said gross . It is also translated severe , serious , grievous , acute .

Phrases in english containing grave translated to English

  • causar graves daños a in Spanish is bring + ruin to
  • infección grave in Spanish is acute infection

Sentences containing grave in Spanish

She notes some gross inadequacies of these schemes in classifying African subjects, especially in the social sciences and humanities

Obviously if it were not for the fact that such indexes also have severe limitations there would be little need to produce any other type of subject index

Library users may not all be scholars -- they often do not have a particular title in mind -- but they do have serious information needs and they seriously need access to the library's collection

How should restitution be made across generations for grievous harms suffered in the distant past?

In some areas of study, notably the social sciences, the problems vocabulary are acute

Other forms of sentences containing grave where this translation can be applied

  • graves
  • grave

Similar phrases to grave in spanish

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