grapevine in Spanish it is said rumores, comentarios, por rumores, de oídas, radio macuto, fuentes oficiosas.

Phrases in english containing grapevine translated to English

  • grapevine + carry + the story in Spanish is comentarse, rumorearse, decirse
  • learn it on/through + the grapevine in Spanish is enterarse de oídas, enterarse por rumores

Sentences containing grapevine in Spanish

This has led to a new model for information retrieval: the word-of-mouth system or 'grapevine'

Other forms of sentences containing grapevine where this translation can be applied

  • the grapevine
  • on the grapevine
  • via the grapevine
  • through the grapevine

Similar phrases to grapevine in spanish

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