grant + an award in Spanish it is said premiar, dar un premio, otorgar un premio, conceder un premio.

Sentences containing grant + an award in Spanish

In granting the award, Committee praised the Agency 'for their efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used'

Other forms of sentences containing grant + an award where this translation can be applied

  • award has been granted
  • awards are granted
  • grants the award
  • grant the award
  • to grant the awards
  • awards were granted
  • award is granted
  • granted the award
  • awards granted
  • grants an award
  • grants the awards
  • granted awards
  • granting the awards
  • award granted
  • granted an award
  • to grant an award
  • granting an award
  • granting awards
  • grant awards
  • grants awards
  • to grant awards
  • granting the award
  • award was granted
  • to grant the award
  • grant an award
  • grant the awards
  • granted the awards
  • awars have been granted

Similar phrases to grant + an award in spanish

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