grand [grander -comp., grandes -sup.] in Spanish it is said sublime, grandioso, estupendo, fabuloso.

Phrases in english containing grand [grander -comp., grandes -sup.] translated to English

  • grand design in Spanish is plan magistral, plan grandioso
  • grand piano in Spanish is piano de cola
  • grand total in Spanish is superteoría
  • on a grand scale in Spanish is a lo grande, a gran escala, por todo lo alto

Sentences containing grand [grander -comp., grandes -sup.] in Spanish

As Carlyle saw it, 'the grand use of any catalog is to tell you, in any intelligible way, that such and such books are in the library'

Other forms of sentences containing grand [grander -comp., grandes -sup.] where this translation can be applied

  • grand [grander -comp.
  • grandes -sup.]
  • grandest
  • grander
  • grand

Similar phrases to grand [grander -comp., grandes -sup.] in spanish

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