gram (gm) [gramme, -UK] in Spanish it is said gramo (gr).

Phrases in english containing gram (gm) [gramme, -UK] translated to English

  • kilogram (kg) [kilogramme, -UK] in Spanish is kilogramo (kg)

Sentences containing gram (gm) [gramme, -UK] in Spanish

Nowadays the weight of a paper can be conveniently expressed in terms of grammes per square metre of a sheet, but in the hand-press period it was given in pounds

Other forms of sentences containing gram (gm) [gramme, -UK] where this translation can be applied

  • gramme (gm) [gram
  • -USA]
  • grams
  • grammes
  • gram
  • gms
  • gramme
  • gm

Similar phrases to gram (gm) [gramme, -UK] in spanish

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