DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) in Spanish it is said DVD (Disco Digital Versátil/para Vídeo).

Phrases in english containing DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) translated to English

  • DVD player in Spanish is lector de DVD

Sentences containing DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) in Spanish

A DVD disc holds between 7 and 20 times as much data as a standard CD-ROM, enough to carry a feature-length film dubbed into 8 languages

Other forms of sentences containing DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) where this translation can be applied

  • Digital Video Disks
  • DVDs
  • Digital Versatile Disc
  • DVD
  • Digital Versatile Disks
  • Digital Versatile Disk
  • Digital Video Disk
  • Digital Versatile Discs
  • Digital Video Discs
  • Digital Video/Versatile Discs
  • Digital Video Disc
  • Digital Video/Versatile Disc
  • Digital Video/Versatile Disks
  • Digital Video/Versatile Disk

Similar phrases to DVD (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) in spanish

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