director general in Spanish it is said executive director . It is also translated Director-General , executive officer , chief executive officer (CEO) , chief executive , senior director .

Sentences containing director general in Spanish

'We'll get started as soon as everyone arrives,' the executive director shook her hand and smiled graciously

The work of the Statistical Office is undertaken by six directorates headed by the Director-General who is assisted by a secretariat

The meeting, which defined the goals of the association, discussed membership conditions, established permanent sections (legal, educational, economic, historical and management) and elected executive officers

The constituent networks may have presidents and CEO's (chief executive officers), but that's a different issue; there's no single authority figure for the Internet as a whole

The author concludes that few chief executives personally use the company library and online database services

Senior directors earn absurdly more than the other workers in their business

Other forms of sentences containing director general where this translation can be applied

  • directoras generales
  • directores ejecutivos
  • directora general

Similar phrases to director general in spanish

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