casanova in Spanish it is said ladies' man . It is also translated playboy , Latin lover , womaniser [womanizer, -USA] , Casanova , skirt chaser , woman chaser , masher .

Sentences containing casanova in Spanish

Sweet Lou is a ladies' man who does not have to say much to have his way with women

Serial swindler Kenneth Broad was this afternoon jailed for 15 months bringing to an end a playboy lifestyle lived at other people's expense

Since most Latin men adore their mothers or grandmothers who raised them, the best bet to get your Latin lover back is to act like them

Participants generated 306 different labels for female types (e.g. housewife, feminist, femme fatale, secretary, slob) and 310 for male types (e.g. workaholic, family man, sissy, womanizer, labourer)

It's not hard to be a Casanova for your girl, and in fact, it's necessary if you want to keep your relationship alive and fresh

The humorous tale of Juan Dominguez, an incorrigible skirt chaser, starts with his arrival in Mexico City after fleeing his hometown because of his entanglements with women

He is such a woman chaser that he is afraid to commit to one person

He's an awfully decent fellow, but it's a sad pity he's such a masher

Other forms of sentences containing casanova where this translation can be applied

  • casanovas

Similar phrases to casanova in spanish

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