CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) in Spanish it is said Oficina de InformaciĆ³n al Ciudadano (CAB).

Phrases in english containing CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) translated to English

  • CAB-type in Spanish is parecido a una oficina de informaciĆ³n al ciudadano

Sentences containing CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) in Spanish

Although each CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) is independent, they must be members of the National Association of Advice Bureaux (NACAB), which lays down certain minimum standards for the registration of bureaux

Other forms of sentences containing CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) where this translation can be applied

  • CAB
  • CABx
  • Citizens' Advice Bureau
  • Citizens' Advice Bureaux
  • Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB)

Similar phrases to CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureau) in spanish

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