button in Spanish it is said botón.

Phrases in english containing button translated to English

  • as bright as a button in Spanish is más listo que el hambre, muy espabilado, muy despabilado
  • at the push of a button in Spanish is al pulsar un botón, con sólo pulsar un botón, con sólo apretar un botón
  • belly button in Spanish is ombligo
  • button hole in Spanish is abrochado
  • have all + Posesivo + buttons in Spanish is ser duro de mollera, ser de efectos retardados, ser un poco torpe, ser un poco lelo,
  • panic button in Spanish is botón de alarma
  • push-button in Spanish is pulsar un botón, botón

Sentences containing button in Spanish

If you have a stand-alone CD-ROM drive, open and close the drawer by pushing the 'open/close' button

Other forms of sentences containing button where this translation can be applied

  • buttons
  • button

Similar phrases to button in spanish

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