British in Spanish it is said británico.

Phrases in english containing British translated to English

  • BAILER (British Association for Information and Library Education and Resear in Spanish is BAILER (Asociación Británica para la Educación e Investigación en Documentación y Biblioteconomía)
  • British Educational Thesaurus (BET) in Spanish is Consejo Británico (BC)
  • British Library Automated Information Service (BLAISE) in Spanish is Islas Británicas, las
  • British Library (BL) in Spanish is Biblioteca Británica
  • British Museum Library in Spanish is Biblioteca del Museo Británico
  • British-trained in Spanish is formado por británicos, adiestrado por británicos
  • BTI (British Technology Index) in Spanish is BTI (Indice Británico de Tecnología)

Sentences containing British in Spanish

From 1972 to 1974, he was attached to the British Library Planning Secretariat

Similar phrases to British in spanish

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