American in Spanish it is said americano.

Phrases in english containing American translated to English

  • AACR1 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 1st Edition) in Spanish is RCAA1 (1ª Edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas)
  • AAM (American Association of Museums) in Spanish is AAM (Asociación Americana de Museos)
  • all-American in Spanish is completamente americano, típicamente americano
  • American Dream, the in Spanish is Instituto Americano de Documentación (ADI)
  • American literature in Spanish is literatura americana
  • Anglo-American code (AA) in Spanish is Reglas Anglo-americanas
  • Ibero-American in Spanish is chinoamericano
  • North American in Spanish is NISTF (Grupo de Trabajo sobre los Sistemas Nacionales de Información de la Asociación de Archiveros Americanos)
  • Spanish American in Spanish is hispanoamericano, iberoamericano

Sentences containing American in Spanish

Under 'American Scholar' he found editions published beginning, I believe, in the 1880s

Other forms of sentences containing American where this translation can be applied

  • Americans

Similar phrases to American in spanish

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