si in Spanish it is said if . It is also translated if only , to the extent that , whether , should , to the degree that .

Phrases in english containing si translated to English

  • como si in Spanish is as though
  • por si acaso in Spanish is in case of ; on the off chance ; just in case ; on spec
  • si así lo desean in Spanish is should they so wish ; should they so wish
  • si eso no es posible in Spanish is if that counts in any way ; if that counts for anything
  • si funciona, no lo toques in Spanish is if applicable
  • si no es así in Spanish is if this is not the case
  • si no me falla la memoria in Spanish is if (my) memory serves me right ; if (my) memory doesn't fail me
  • si queda tiempo in Spanish is time permitting
  • si todo sigue igual in Spanish is at this rate

Sentences containing si in Spanish

If our data are going to be used in other countries, we have to remember that English users would prefer standard English

A large proportion of the earth's population has not yet recognized the enormous advantages that would accrue if only everybody spoke English

A future with online catalogues will still require analytical entries, to the extent that records need to contain notes of contents of works

The question I will address is whether our acting on what I believe to be an invalid assumption provides valid cataloging

Should they have misjudged the availability of such a source, they can anticipate alternate approaches

To the degree that this argument is true, it paints a rather pessimistic picture of the quality of much published research

Other forms of sentences containing si where this translation can be applied

  • sies
  • si
  • síes

Similar phrases to si in spanish

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