¿quién demonios...? in Spanish it is said who the fuck...? . It is also translated who the shit...? , who on (this) earth...? , who the devil...? , who (in/the) hell...? , who the heck...? , who (in) the dickens...? .

Sentences containing ¿quién demonios...? in Spanish

Who the fuck does she think she is ordering me around?

So who the shit does this chauvanist pig think he is?

Who on this earth does she think she is kidding?

Who the devil did he think he was, abducting her from the ballroom and practically ravishing her?

Who the hell did he think he was talking to?

Nice hotel, decent location, but who the heck did the plumbing?

Who in the dickens is going to pay for all that?

Other forms of sentences containing ¿quién demonios...? where this translation can be applied

  • quién demonio
  • quien demonios
  • quien demonio
  • quién demonios

Similar phrases to ¿quién demonios...? in spanish

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