mala suerte in Spanish it is said misfortune . It is also translated mischance , bad luck , tough luck , hard luck , losing streak , whammy , ill-luck .

Sentences containing mala suerte in Spanish

The economic misfortunes of the decade had removed much of the opposition to the working classes using public libraries

Lawyers find it problematic to consult psychologists, partly because psychological research may turn up unfavorable data through sheer mischance, eg, an invalid sample

The article is entitled 'Thirteen steps to avoiding bad luck in a serials cancellation project'

The article is entitled 'Tough luck: To be a professional sport climber in America probably means you're broke, fed up and still no match for the foreign competition'

Four scenarios are developed to explore the future of citizen participation: plenitude, transformation, continuity, & hard luck

It seems like we're headed for another losing streak

Just remember that alcohol and low blood sugars together are a real whammy for diabetics

Some people are so fond of ill-luck that they run half-way to meet it

Other forms of sentences containing mala suerte where this translation can be applied

  • malas suertes

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